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Free Home Energy Assessment and $$$ Saving Tips

Local utility companies offer these free home energy assessments. Homeowners can get a free in-home energy assessment, free LED bulbs, a free showerhead and more.

A trained specialist will visit your home, at your convenience, to conduct a thorough in-home analysis. The Energy Specialist will:
• Analyze your total home energy usage.
• Check your home for air leaks.
• Examine your insulation levels.
• Review your appliances and heating/cooling system.

Based on the information collected, their experts will give you a custom-tailored report detailing steps you can take to increase efficiency and lower your energy bill. If you want, the Energy Specialist can install some of the items from your free Energy Efficiency Starter Kit while there, so you can start saving energy right away.

IPL - 1.866.908.4915
Duke Energy - 877.346.4366
Vectren -855-298-5390

I hope this is helpful! Feel free to pass this on to anyone that you think could benefit from this info.