1. Steve White @ Union Savings Bank.  317-848-9338  -  [email protected]

Convention loan closing costs for homes are only a $450 flat fee and this covers the appraisal, lenders title policy, closing fee, credit report, and flood cert.  Recording fee is typically $115.  They do not charge underwriting, processing, or administrative fees.  Refiances are a $299 flat fee. 

    2. Zakary Shobe @ MJW Financial LLC. (317) 522-3554[email protected]

Conventional and Jumbo loans, Fixed and adjustable rate options, Government options including FHA, VA, and USDA, and Unique loan programs for borrowers who may have experienced a credit event.

    3. Susan Nemeth @ Cafe Home Lending  317-375-7744  -  [email protected]   

All types of home financing, including Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, FHA Renovation loans, VA, Doctor loans, and USDA lending.

    4. Bill Morris  @ Milestone Mortgage.  317-840-5174  -  [email protected]

https://www.milestone-mortgage.com/Home - Loan options at 580 credit score and above.. 

    5. Joseph Poer @ State Bank 317-997-9330 - [email protected]

Zero down home loan options!